Fourth session: final performance

During the fourth session the two groups were creating stories for the final performances. From flipcharts the stories were transferred on the tables with the puppets being the true protagonists. The two groups focused on shared topics from the third session. Facilitators helped participants using flipchart and giving examples of possible stories to be performed on stage. One group was invited to write a story on their daily life. They practiced a lot with the puppets and tried to rehearse the story they wrote on a flip chart, helped by the facilitators and tutor from “Spazio Donna”. They also selected the puppets for the final performance and adapted the clothes and details to the story. It took a while before the participants felt confident in operating the puppets and in remembering all the stages of the story. Participants were practising the final performance, trying to memorize all the different scenes and trying to get familiar with the puppets as much as possible. A final performance was held by the participants at “Spazio Donna”.


Dario Ferrante

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