First session: get to know each other

The first session and every session during which a new participant appeared began with the presentation of the facilitators conducting the workshop sessions, and all participants. The rules concerning meetings were being defined together (among other: workshops duration, freedom of participation, discretion, respect for others, lack of assessment, addressing one another by first names). A tag on a paper tape was created with the names of all participants, so to facilitate the memorization of names.

During the first session, facilitators asked all participants to introduce themselves with name and profession. After, facilitators tried to make participants feel comfortable and confident.

Facilitators proposed the sessions they performed with the first pilot group, when they worked with migrants.

The first session started with the projection of the video showing how to create your own puppet. After watching the video, all participants sit in a circle surrounding collection of different materials previously arranged by the facilitators. These were for instance: a roll of brown paper and a single sheet crumpled up, a few pairs of scissors, a few spools of string (different colours), some old newspapers, coloured crepe paper. The facilitators asked the participants to comment on the objects laying on the floor: papers, pencils, hemp strings, other objects, scissors. Participants answered in many ways, so they started getting familiar with the group and the activities.

After this first round of comments, participants created creating their own puppets in about 3 hours. The work was intense and all participants created a puppet. Facilitators supported participants in the puppets making process. When everyone was finished with her puppet, all participants gathered in a circle and the facilitators asked the participants the name and identity of their puppets. Participants answered in many different ways: some said that the puppet was their son or daughter, some others said the puppet was totally invented, some said the puppet was resembling her doll when she was a baby girl.


Dario Ferrante

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